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Charcot Marie Tooth disease support, information, and videos by CMT patient Diane Gracely. Get CMT support thru Diane’s CMT Facebook group, videos, Diane’s CMT newsletter, and more. Charcot Marie Tooth is a neuromuscular disease. Our neuromuscular system starts at the brain, the master computer, and sends signals to the motor (muscles) via the spinal cord (the cable) and hooks up with the peripheral nerves for connection between the brain and muscle. CMT is the disease that impairs this connection causing all the CMT Symptoms. CMT is a hereditary neurological disease that deforms the patient’s feet. Charcot Marie Tooth causes many other health problems. For example, peripheral neuropathy, scoliosis, muscle wasting, drop foot, chronic nerve pain and muscle spasms. Can also cause respiratory problems, and so much more. It’s a rare disease with a strange name and NO CURE.

Diane Gracely is a 56 year old woman living in Florida. Diane, a CMT patient is passionate about supporting others living with CMT. She shares her personal story, experience, and knowledge. She works from home as a CMT consultant to support to other CMT patients and families. Please support Diane for her passion of helping others and raising awareness by shopping in her online T-shirts & More Store on TeePublic. click here

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“September is CMT Awareness Month in the United States — a dedicated time to share and educate others about Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT).

CMT Awareness Month

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CMT support by Diane Gracely
CMT Support by Diane Gracely

Support for Charcot Marie Tooth Patients and Families

Diane is passionate about supporting Charcot Marie Tooth patients and families. Visit her CMT Support Facebook page and join her CMT Support Group on Facebook. After all, Diane’s mission is a safe place for CMT patients to support each other. No one else understands our pain and daily struggles. That’s why it’s so important to get support from others living with CMT. Go to Diane’s main support page for more info.

Diane writes articles about CMT for her blog page. In addition, Diane is recording videos to share her life experiences on her CMT YouTube channel. Browse through the information provided on pages throughout this website. And please, subscribe to her CMT YouTube Channel.

What is CMT?

CMT is the rare hereditary neurological disorder with a funny name, that no one has ever heard of. The name came from the three doctors who discovered it. 1 in 2,500 people have CMT. CMT is a progressive and debilitating neurological disease that deforms the feet. It also deforms the hands of some patients. Patients have peripheral neuropathy and muscle atrophy. High arches, ankle weakness, foot deformities, and poor balance are some of the first symptoms. Some patients have symptoms start at a very young age, and some not till their 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s. Currently there is NO CURE.

A Little About Diane and Charcot Marie Tooth Disease

Diane was born in 1964 with CMT. CMT permanently disabled Diane in 1997. Diane’s feet had become badly deformed due to the progression of CMT. However, she was never one to give up on anything.

Although, Diane was receiving Social Security Disability, (SSD). She knew she could not survive on disability. So then Diane bought a computer. Soon Diane was learning about the internet and wanted to start a home business. Together with, her skills and never give up personality she started her first business. As a result she began supplementing her income. To summarize, Diane became a successful online entrepreneur. For 23 years, Diane has started, grown and sold several businesses for profits. Wherefore, Diane will share information and how to supplement your income too. She’ll soon add new videos to her CMT YouTube channel.

Diane has a desire to inspire and support CMT patients. By sharing her CMT life journey and experiences. Thus, one of the many reasons she designed this website, support groups, and a YouTube channel.

Help Diane Raise Awareness About Charcot Marie Tooth

Diane creates CMT awareness designs for shirts, accessories, and home decor. Choose from her CMT designs in her online store on TeePublic. She earns a small commission for designs sold on TeePublics products. It’s not much, Diane earns $2 per sale. But, it helps cover the expenses for this website and advertising costs. Click Here to see Diane’s CMT awareness designs.

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