Braces AFOS

Braces AFOS by Newtek for Charcot Marie Tooth disease patients. Newtek’s mission is to offer creative, affordable solutions to complex clinical problems. We offer quality composite products that help combat the problem of rising costs and lower insurance reimbursement. Our creative processes and deep fabrication knowledge lend us to create products that perform at a high level without the typical high price tag.

Braces AFO'S
Braces AFO’S By Newtek

In comparison to, ugly braces and AFOS, choose fun low profile braces. No reason to wear boring bulky plastic AFOS when you can make these fun. In this case, choose from several neon colors and keep it simple.

Also if you have not had reconstructive foot surgeries. Please contact Diane, or join her support group to ask questions.  Compared to bracing, surgeries are another option. Don’t give up. By the way Diane’s motto is, “Never Give Up”. Fight for a better life living with CMT. There are options, don’t let Charcot Marie Tooth disease run your life. Diane had both of her feet reconstructed. It was the best choice she could have made. It changed her life. It’s been 20+ years since surgeries. Diane is still walking without excruciating pain.

Together with AFOS, Charcot Marie Tooth disease patients can learn more about genetic testing here.


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