Charcot Marie Tooth Treatment

Charcot Marie Tooth treatment is not a simple process for CMT. Why? Because there is no cure for CMT. And every patient is different. Therefore, it’s a progressive disease. CMT progresses as we age. It starts by deforming our feet and in many cases our hands. CMT patient, Diane Gracely shares her experience, story, and knowledge to support other patients.

Diane has a YouTube Channel she is sharing her personal life story through short videos. The channel also contains videos of Diane’s Tees. She’s an artist who creates designs for t-shirts and sells them on over 75 products.

Included on her channel are videos with information and education about Charcot Marie Tooth disease. Diane is gradually making new videos for her YouTube Channel. Subscribe to her channel so you can be notified when she adds a new video. Click here and then click the “Subscribe button” on her channel.

Charcot Marie Tooth treatment
Diane’s Deformed Feet

Charcot Marie Tooth Foot Surgeries

Charcot Marie Tooth disease patients like Diane go through foot reconstruction surgeries. There are knowledgeable orthopedic surgeons who can reconstruct deformed feet. But, they are not easy to find. In this case, you must do your research and find a surgeon who is knowledgeable about CMT. Make sure the surgeon is very familiar with Charcot Marie Tooth treatment. And ask how many reconstructive foot surgeries they have performed on CMT patients. There have been failures due to surgeon’s not having proper knowledge of CMT.

Dr. Paul Juliano in Hershey, Pennsylvania was Diane’s surgeon over 20 years ago. Thus, he had the knowledge and trust Diane was looking for. Her feet had become badly deformed by age 30 that she could not walk anymore. The pain was so excruciating. All of her life she was consistently over turning her ankles. Regularly falling due to poor balance, and always hurting herself.

cmt feet
Diane’s CMT Feet Today

In conclusion, 20 some years after foot reconstruction surgeries, Diane is still walking. But, not without balance issues that have slowly gotten worse again. Swelling is also bad, her legs and feet swell badly. But, she has never regretted having her surgeries. They gave her quite a few good years without chronic foot/ankle pain.

Keep checking back here to Diane’s blog for more articles. And don’t forget to check out her videos.


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