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Charcot Marie Tooth videos created by Diane Gracely. Diane, the author of content here on “” is a 56 year old woman born with CMT. These are her views and opinions from growing up and living with CMT1A. In short, Diane creates CMT videos and adds them to her CMT YouTube channel. Subscribe to Diane’s YouTube channel, by clicking Charcot Marie Tooth Disease Channel. New CMT videos coming soon.

There will soon be new videos added to Diane’s channel. However, Diane has good days and bad days. As a result, she wants to make new videos on her good days. Including videos about her personal CMT life. Thus, Diane has a very inspiring but long life story. Soon she’ll be sharing it through short videos bit by bit. Diane recently had the CMT genetic testing done to find out what type of CMT she has.

Furthermore, Diane currently has some Charcot Marie Tooth informational videos on the channel. Therefore you can watch those until she adds new videos. Her live videos were practice videos. Diane had had to do some practicing to get the hang of making videos. So PLEASE, do not judge her for the current videos on her YouTube channel. Together with Diane’s experience and practice, new videos will be of better quality.

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This CMT video below, is on one of Diane’s old YouTube channels. It’s from 2009 when the local newspaper in Reading, Pennsylvania interviewed Diane and her mom for an article. Diane asked the newspaper to write and publish a story to help raise awareness for CMT.

Incidentally, Diane’s mom passed away in 2018 at the age of 74.

charcot marie tooth
Diane’s Mom Ruth Landis

In summary, Diane has two sisters, only one of them was born with Charcot Marie Tooth. The hereditary disease came from Diane’s mom’s side of the family. Wherefore, Diane’s grandfather also had CMT, although had never actually been diagnosed. Knowingly, he had foot problems just like all of us. So we know he also had CMT. Sadly that’s as far back as we could track it.

Diane Gracely and Sisters
Diane Gracely and Her Sisters

Click on the photo above to see a larger photo of Diane Gracely and her sisters. Crystal and Dawn, Dawn has CMT Crystal doesn’t.


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