CMT Genetic Test Kits

Genetic test kits for Charcot Marie Tooth disease patients. Curious as to what type of CMT is in your family genes. Invitae has the answer.

Therefore, all is needed is a saliva collection kit. Wherefore all that’s needed is to visit the Invitae website here. As a result, you’ll find the information for the next step. For example, contact Invitae and find out how to proceed. Invitae will give directions to how to get one of the genetic test kits. Soon you’ll have the answer everyone wants. What type of Charcot Marie Tooth disease runs in the family.

Convenient CMT Genetic Test Kits

Invitae makes it easy to access medical-grade genetic testing online. Or from a healthcare provider. Track the sample. View results, and access resources in the online portal.

Genetic Test Kits
Genetic Testing by Invitae

However, many people are diagnosed with CMT. Beyond knowing the diagnosis is Charcot Marie Tooth disease, most doctors CMT knowledge is limited. Therefore, the best way to get to the bottom of it is to be tested. The genetic test is a simple test done with saliva. Is Charcot Marie Tooth an inherited disease? YES

Next, head on over to the CMT Support page by clicking here. Also, subscribe to the CMT YouTube channel.

By the way, please browse through the various pages on this website. Lastly, creator Diane Gracely provides great CMT info for everyone. Also, read about children with Charcot Marie Tooth disease.


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