Supplements for Charcot Marie Tooth disease patients. Diane was having a tough time with fatigue for years. As a result she began searching and experimenting with supplements. Therefore recently she came across a product on Amazon. Compared to everything Diane tried, she finally found something. Thus, it has improved her daily function.


Finally Diane had something that worked. She’s been taking Dopify for a few months. Subsequently, this is just her own opinion. Please check with your doctor first.

Next, check with your doctor but many CMT patients can benefit from vitamin B-12. For example, Diane found out years ago that she was lacking B-12. Hence the reason her doctor gives a monthly injection.

Ask Questions About Supplements

Together with Diane and other CMT patients get support. Join the CMT Support Group on Facebook, ask questions, vent, and more. But, most of all get the support needed by patients. In brief, no one understands Charcot Marie Tooth better than those who live with CMT. Don’t be left in the dark.

Diane is passionate about supporting CMT patients and families. Including this website, and through videos on YouTube. Wherefore Diane has a CMT YouTube channel. New and exciting videos added weekly.


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