Support For CMT Patients

Support for Charcot Marie Tooth disease patients. Diane Gracely is passionate about helping others. Therefore, Diane has supported CMT patients since 2013. For example, Diane offers education about CMT. Answers questions about Charcot Marie Tooth disease. Chat with other CMT patients in Diane’s Support Group on Facebook. Join others who know what it’s like to live with CMT. Ask questions, vent, etc. Click Here and join the Facebook support group.

Diane has a CMT Facebook support page and support group. Also, Diane has a YouTube Channel about CMT. The channel is a work in progress. Please be patient. Diane adds new videos when she has time.

Diane’s CMT Support Links

JOIN Diane’s CMT Support Group on Facebook.

SUBSCRIBE to Diane’s CMT Channel On YouTube.

Watch short CMT videos created by Diane Gracely.

Go to Diane’s CMT Support Page on Facebook (Cause).

SEND Diane A Friend Request on Facebook to chat with Diane.

Free Hearing Aids for CMT Patients

Join the Hear Now Program to get free hearing aids.. Provided by Starkey Hearing Foundation.  Only for people in the USA. The Hear Now Program is application-based. It’s a hearing aid assistance program for low income people. Applicants approved through the program receive free hearing aids. Above all, new top-of-the-line digital hearing aids. In addition, each hearing aid is customized to the patient’s hearing loss. Hearing aids are donated by Starkey Hearing Technologies.

If you or someone you know is struggling with hearing loss. Similarly, unable to afford hearing aids.

Please share the Hear Now Program with others. For information about the program click here. Included is the application to fill out and submit for approval.

Contact Diane with CMT Questions

In conclusion, Diane will chat with you through Facebook Messenger or feel free to email Diane.  Often times she will also give out her phone number to talk and answer questions.

Show Diane You Appreciate Her Hard Work and Support

Diane designs CMT awareness designs for shirts, accessories, and home decor. Plus colorful art with funny quotes. Choose from over 600 designs on over 75 products in her online store on TeePublic. She earns a small commission by selling her designs/art on TeePublics products. After each verified sale, Diane earns $2 for each product sold. It’s not much, but it helps support Diane for the time she puts into supporting CMT patients. Go to her main store at TeePublic to shop. <<Click Here.

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